inappropriate advertising! I love making these completely over the top posters! They are not always as uplifting as they should be, but I  hope it will bring a smile on your face! Click on each thumbnail for an enlargement.




















(German) You are only cool with a nyckelharpa from Streffing or Marks (Gunter Streffing is a befriended NH-builder)






(German) Marks&Streffing in "Only sattisfied customers"



(German) Exotic, exciting, modern; Nyckelharpa!



(German) My father plays bagpipe/ My dad plays nyckelharpa




(Swedisch) My father plays bagpipe/My dad plays nyckelharpa













(Dutch) Sonja Bakker for a tight bum / Nikolaj Marks for a nyckelharpa (Sonja Bakker is a Dutch diet-guru)





(Dutch) an 'old' newspaper telling the story about a frustrated bagpipeplayer who kills half a town. Bottomline: You don't need to fish for compliments when you've got a Marks harpa!