The babyharpa is also the perfect choice for petite women who usually find the regular chromatic nyckelharpa  unmanageable due to its size.

Nik's Babyharpa ... take this baby serious!! 


Click here for a demo of Nik's Babyharpa (from the cd Vloerwerk of the Dutch folkband Parelmoer)

The Swedes know the 3/4 Harpa, usually meant for children. Nik's Babyharpa though is a grown up  instrument. Made from the same materials as my 'big ones' with the same beautiful finish.

This higher pitched harpa (tuning F-C-G-D) with its vibrant clear sound is a great addition to the harpa-scale. Many of my customers bought a Babyharpa for being their second harpa, but usually their baby ended up as their principal instrument!! And I can't blame them ... The small keyboard makes virtuoso playing so much easier and the pitch makes everyone clear you are playing the first violin in the orchestra!

The Babyharpa is because of its tuning also great to combine with western-European folkinstruments like, French bagpipes, hurdy-gurdies, accordeons and so on. It's also great for baroque music with recorders and harpsichord.