This of 6 videos makes together the complete TV show of  'De Waegwiezer' (the road sign), broadcasted a couple of years ago by the 'Stadsomroep Venlo'-Netherlands,  dedicated to me and my music.

There is a lot of talking, in a dialect used in the region Venlo (Netherlands), but I show some stuff and play a few things together with my friend Wil van Gorkum.

Part 1. The introduction by Wiel Hermans

Part 2. The hurdy-gurdy. The one I demonstrate is made by Joseph Pajot in 1914

Part 3. The Béchonet, a central French bagpipe made by Rémi Dubois

Part 4. The Cabrette, a French (Auvergne) bagpipe made by Bernard Blanc

Part 5. The Salzburger Hackbrett, a German chromatic hammered dulcimer

Part 6. The nyckelharpa.

Videos tv-show 'de Waegwiezer'