Nikolaj Marks, and his modern antiquities
A special word of thanks goes to my lovely Connie, the anchor in my life

There are people who say I'm born in the wrong age. I take that as a compliment!

I play historical instruments like the hurdy-gurdy, cabrette and musette Béchonnet (two French bagpipes of the 19th century), hammered dulcimer, a little renaissance lute and harpsichord and - of course - the Swedish nyckelharpa. Furthermore I admire old paintings, furniture and architecture, collect early photographs and old books, prefer the old black and white movies and when I listen to a recording it's most likely a 78 rpm record played on my '29 His Master's Voice gramophone. 

Does this make me a daydreamer who lost touch with the present? I don't think so because there is a very good reason why I prefer 'that old junk'. Have you ever noticed the craftsmanship and the high quality of used materials for even the most simple things? The love for details and creativity the makers show? The wonderful design? I just love it! For me those things are an everlasting source of inspiration.

When building musical instruments I try to think and work like 'ye olde fellows'. I am not counting the hours because the only thing what matters to me is the result at the end. I like to work with the best materials available, and don't get scared off by the time consuming jobs like the hand polished finish with my own 'secret formula' lacquer. This way I hope to build instruments also to be admired by someone like me in 100 years from now. 

My love for old collectables and the way I work doesn't imply though that I try to copy anything. I've got my very own ideas about design and sound. I love adjusting building plans, experimenting with different materials and so on. It will take many more years to get me where I want to be, but I am pretty close to something that's modern ... but could have been old to.

I do hope you will enjoy my work!

Nikolaj Marks,